About ME

Hey there! My name is Coach E, and I am a life coach! As a social-emotional coach for middle and high schoolers in the public school system, I encountered several personality types with an array of needs. What I have found to be the most fulfilling aspect of my years as an educator, was the ability to assist my students through the toughest transitional periods of their lives!


Now, as a girls’ teen and tween life coach, I can do the same for the teen and tween in your life! I provide them with the right tools to make sound decisions and to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. But it doesn’t stop there…


As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend (the list truly could go on!), I’ve always been known as a jack of all trades; but through my degree in organizational leadership, I’ve finally mastered one: “The Balancing Act”. I am a lifestyle strategy coach who helps women find their balance between family, work, and personal endeavors!


“What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Trust me queens, you CAN do it! Just book a discovery call with me, and see how together, we can make it happen!


How I Can Help You

Mélanie C. Eugene, better known as Coach E., is passionate about empowering ladies of all ages, especially throughout the

transitional periods of their lives.

This is the main reason that she became a certified life coach.

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Coach E knows the challenges associated with tween and teen girls as well as unresolved issues of women, which she refers to as her queens. This is why Mélanie created All of ME®, Inc.- an empowerment agency for tweens, teens, and queens.

With an extensive background in education, Coach E captivates the attention of the youth and adults, constantly providing them with knowledge on a series of topics.

To learn more about All of ME®, Inc. and the services offered, please view all the pages of this brochure.

and CEO











Empowerment and educational modules for tween and teen girls as they go through transitional periods of life.





A series of seasons for dancers to experience different dance genres all while being mentored and educated on different life topics.

Live episodes on different life topics hosted by Coach E. on Facebook and Instagram Live



The Awakening (12 weeks)

If you are looking to discover who you really are by increasing your self-awareness, this program is for you. In this 12-week program, Coach E will partner with you to create a realistic and implementable vision for your life that will build your confidence and help you gain clarity in targeted areas of your life.

The Journey (8 weeks)

Do you know what you want but aren't sure how to get there? This 8-week program will help you develop the necessary stepping stones for you to achieve your goals. Throughout the program, you will be provided with the accountability you need to stay the course.

Go from goal to implementation and execution with support from Coach E!

The SHIFT (5 weeks)

Looking to transform an identified area of your life? Going from the known to something new and unfamiliar can cause fear to transition. Well, fear no more! In this 5-week program, your mental blocks and perspectives will change in order to allow you to welcome your transition.

Coaching Programs

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